Cable & Telephone Service

If you have questions or complaints regarding your service, please contact one of the service providers listed below.

AT&TNote: AT&T and Comcast are now operating under a State of California franchise within Windsor. Additional information regarding state franchise terms and consumer protection can be found at State of California Video Franchise Authority (California Public Utilities Commission).

Residents of Windsor seeking additional information on AT&T U-verse - or to find out whether it's available in their area - can visit AT&T U-verse

AT&T Customer Care (800) 288-2020

ComcastExisting AT&T U-verse customers can get more information about AT&T U-verse programming and television events by visiting AT&T U-verse connect

Comcast Cable (800) 945-2288

With Comcast, you can enjoy Comcast Digital Cable ON DEMAND, Comcast Digital Voice - home phone service and a wide variety of programming choices and HD channels. For more information please call 1-800-COMCAST

Electricity & Gas

Pacific Gas & Electric
(800) 743-5000

Water & Wastewater Services

Contact the Utility Billing Department (707) 838-1004