Water Conservation

Get to Know The Benefits of Mulch! mulch benefits

Do you know about the magic of mulch? Adding a layer of mulch to your gardens and landscapes has so many benefits, including improved soil health, weed suppression, increased water holding capacity, reduced runoff, and erosion control.

Mulch can save water by suppressing weeds, increasing infiltration and soil water-holding capacity, moderating temperature, and reducing evaporation. Increased water capacity means less runoff making it to our creeks. Not only that, but mulch also creates a protective layer over the soil leading to less erosion.

Be sure to choose organic mulches and avoid Gorilla Hair Redwood or Western Cedar Mulch, as these types are highly flammable.

If you choose to replace your lawn with mulch and native plants, don’t forget to apply for the Water Efficient Landscapes Rebate!

Track Your Water Use with WaterSmart


The Town of Windsor's WaterSmart portal can help you better manage your water use and bill. By registering, you can view current and past water consumption, receive leak alerts, notifications, and helpful water-saving tips. 

For more information, click on the WaterSmart link to the Welcome page. For questions or if you need support, please call Utility Billing at 707-838-1004.

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