State of California Water Rebates

Now's a Great Time to Remove Your Lawn!
For a limited time only, the State of California is offering residential customers money back to replace lawns with a low water use landscape. Combined with the local Windsor rebate, customers are eligible to receive up to $2.00 per square foot of lawn removed, with a maximum rebate amount up to $2,000.* Strict eligibility requirements apply, so be sure and read all of the requirements before starting work to remove the lawn. Information and applications to the State rebate program are only available online at

Fall is the best time to plant drought resistant plants, so don't wait till next summer. Get your low maintenance, low water use landscape in place now, and start saving on summer irrigation water costs.

*Windsor offers customers $0.50 per square foot, up to $500 maximum, with the State contributing an additional $1.50 per square foot and $1,500 maximum. The Windsor rebate requires a pre-inspection appointment before starting work to remove the lawn. Windsor rebate information is available


The statewide rebate programs are administered separately from local Windsor rebate programs. Please direct all questions about these programs to the State of California. You may contact them using the email link listed below, or by calling (844) 642-7410.