Roundabout Sculpture - The Design Process

The Town initiated the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) process in January of 2018. The goal was to seek out qualified artists to design, commission and install two new permanent sculptures on the roundabouts in Old Redwood Highway. The Town received 96 applications submitted by the deadline. The first round of the jury process was a two-week on-line blind scoring.  The jury consisted of the seven Public Art Advisory Commission (Commission) members. The jury viewed the 96 artists submissions, which included a resume, review of public art experience, references and images of past work. 

RFQ Process

The applications were narrowed down to five artist finalists and each were provided $1,000 stipend to create a proposal of a design concept and presentation. The artist finalists are: 

     David Boyer                                 Reno, NV 

     Ned Kahn                                              Sebastopol, CA

     Saori Ide and Jonathan Russell            Berkeley, CA

     Eric Peltzer                                                 Altadena, CA

     Bryan Tedrick                                  Glen Ellen, CA

Concept design proposals were due on June 21, 2018. Artists were permitted to submit up-to two proposals, one for each roundabout. Six design proposals were received. The Commission received presentations for each of the six concept proposals at a special meeting on July 16, 2018. The Commission recommended four to be presented to Council. You can listen to the audio of the meeting on the video link below, unfortunately due to technical difficulties, the video recording is not available. 

Town Council will approve two sculpture concepts at a future regular meeting. The four sculptures recommended are:

 ·       Harvest by Saori Ide and Jonathan Russell 

·        Renew by Saori Ide and Jonathan Russell 

·        Inverted Well by Ned Kahn

·        The Phoenix and the Firebird by Eric Peltzer

Renew and Harvest are designed to be complementary sculptures but can also stand alone as individual sculptures. The Commission is supportive of both options, however recommends at least one of those sculptures is selected. Upon Council acceptance of two sculpture concept designs, the Commission will finalize the fundraising efforts prior to execution of the final artist agreement to commission the art. Below are the four sculptures recommended to move forward to Council as well as the other two submissions that were not selected. 

Harvest by Saori Ide and Jonathan Russell

Click here to view the Powerpoint presentation for this sculpture. 

Proposal Dispaly Board - Harvest

Renew by Saori Ide and Jonathan Russell

Click here to view the Powerpoint presentation for this sculpture. 

Proposal Dispaly Board - Renew

Inverted Well by Ned Kahn

View a video demonstration of the sculpture here:

Inverted Well - Windsor-Board

The Phoenix and the Firebird by Eric Peltzer

Watch the artist presentation here:

Proposal Image Eric Peltzer

The following two submissions were reviewed by the Commission and were not selected to be recommended to Council at this time. 

Communitree by Dave Boyer

View a sample of the artist work here:

David Boyer board

Three Wings by Bryan Tedrick

Click here to view the artist Powerpoint presentation. tedrick proposal board

For more information about this project, please contact Olivia Lemen at olemen[at] or 707-838-5383 . Thanks,