Cardboard Recycling

Sonoma County Resource Recovery, the Town's waste hauler, has seven locations for residents to drop off oversized or excess cardboard, free of charge. The blue cardboard dumpsters are for cardboard only -- no trash or other recyclable materials will be accepted. Please remember to break down your cardboard boxes to optimize space. 

The cardboard dumpsters will be available year-round and can be found at the following locations:

  • Public Works Corporation Yard, Used Oil Facility at 8400 Windsor Road
  • Town parking lot at the corner of Windsor River Road and Windsor Road
  • Town parking lot at the Huerta Gym, adjacent to the Town Green and public library
  • Windsor Unified School District school sites:
    • Brooks Elementary School, 750 Natalie Drive
    • Cali Calmécac Language Academy, 9491 Starr Road
    • Mattie Washburn Elementary School, 75 Pleasant Avenue
    • Windsor Middle School, 9500 Brooks Road South

For additional recycling needs, visit Sonoma County Resource Recovery at or Zero Waste Sonoma at