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Russian River Watershed Association High School Video Contest 

 Fame! Prize money! What’s not to love about the annual Russian River Watershed High School video contest? This year’s theme is “Ditch the plastic, your water is fantastic!” Windsor high school students are encouraged to participate in the annual video contest. Students have the opportunity to learn and teach about environmental issues using their creative ideas and filming skills. In addition to prize money, winners have their videos shown on local public television, and between feature films in local movie theaters!  Please click here for entry information.

Safe Medicine Disposal Program

Studies are showing us that those unused medications that are flushed down our drains end up in our waterways and can impact water quality. Please, dispose of those unused medicines by dropping them at proper disposal sites.

For more information about safe medicine disposal, go here.

Safe Medicine Disposal ProgramMedication Disposal Sites in Windsor

Windsor Police Station                                     Health First Pharmacy
9291 Old Redwood Hwy #300                          9091 Windsor Road
(707) 687-2498                                                (707) 837-7948
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