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Being Ready Together

Research on preparedness shows that people who believe themselves “prepared” for disasters often are not as prepared as they think. Becoming more prepared in case of an emergency is easier than you might think. Whether it’s your home, your neighborhood, your place of business, or your school, you can take a few simple steps to prepare your community.


COPE (Citizens Organized to Prepare for Emergencies) is a program based on “neighbor helping neighbor.” The COPE program was started several years ago by Oakmont residents, with help from the City of Santa Rosa Fire Department and the American Red Cross. Since then, COPE programs have expanded throughout Sonoma County. The work COPE groups did prior to and during the 2019 Kincade Fire and the 2020 Walbridge and Glass fires was credited with significantly lowering property damage and saving lives.


Windsor COPE is a collaborative effort between the Town of Windsor, Sonoma County Fire District, and Windsor Police. The program is being implemented in Windsor to assist its residents in understanding, preparing for, and responding to emergencies like wildfires, earthquakes, flooding, and more. It is a grassroots effort that engages our community in emergency preparedness education, advocacy, and planning. Our COPE community is part of COPE Northern Sonoma County,


The program is facilitated by Neighborhood Leaders who provide guidance to 10 to 20 houses in their immediate neighborhood. With support from the COPE Community Leader, these neighborhood teams learn resources in their neighborhood, receive information from first responders, and more. To learn more about Neighborhood Leaders click here

Why join Windsor COPE?

  • Get up-to-date communications. 
  • Be better prepared for the next wildfire, earthquake, flood and other emergencies. 
  • Discover resources in your neighborhood and neighbors who might need help. 
  • Get ideas, help, and support from your neighbors, the Town of Windsor, Sonoma County Fire District, and Windsor Police.
  • Meet your neighbors and build community.
  • Contribute to the resilience of your neighborhood. 
  • Feel empowered and confident.
  • Help our first responders by doing your part. 

How can you get involved?

Get Prepared for the Next Emergency

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