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Being Ready Together

COPE (Communities Organized to Prepare for Emergencies) is a program based on the “neighbor helping neighbor” model. The program was started in 2002 by Oakmont residents and has since expanded throughout Sonoma County. The work COPE groups did prior to and during the 2019 Kincade Fire and the 2020 Walbridge and Glass fires was credited with significantly lowering property damage and saving lives.

Windsor COPE was started in 2020 and is part of COPE Northern Sonoma County, a non-profit organization. It is supported by the Town of Windsor, Sonoma County Fire District, and Windsor Police, who periodically team with Windsor COPE to host workshops and other events. 

The COPE program is facilitated by Neighborhood Leaders and Co-Leaders who provide guidance to 10 to 20 houses in their immediate neighborhood. With support from Windsor COPE Leaders, these neighborhood teams learn resources in their neighborhood, receive emergency preparedness/incident information, build community, and more. To learn more about COPE, visit  

Why join Windsor COPE?

  • Meet your neighbors and build your local community.
  • Be better prepared for the next wildfire, earthquake, and other emergencies. 
  • Get ideas and support from your neighbors, COPE, Sonoma County Fire District, the Town of Windsor, and Windsor Police.
  • Become self-reliant and feel empowered.
  • Help our first responders by doing your part. 
  • You don’t have to do it alone. 

How can you get involved?

 Become a Neighborhood Leader for your area. Contact us at to learn more.

 Get Prepared for Potential Emergencies 

 Download the COPE Emergency Preparedness Guidebook for Windsor

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 Diana Borges at 

 Karen Hancock at or (707) 892-2445.

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