Security Camera Registration Program

The Windsor Police Department Camera Registration program is a voluntary record of home or business security cameras, meant to assist law enforcement during an investigation.

In the event of a critical incident or criminal investigation, business or residential security cameras may capture evidence essential to solving a case. Knowing where cameras are located greatly speeds up investigations by allowing investigators to prioritize where to begin looking for evidence. Windsor Police Department is requesting that residents and businesses, with security cameras on their property, register them participation in the camera registration program is completely voluntary and there is no fee. All registered information is kept confidential and will only be accessible to law enforcement personnel during criminal investigations. This camera registration program does not provide access to any cameras or systems, it only documents their locations and the contact information provided by the owner.

Click here to submit a registration.

Trespass Action

If you are the owner, owner’s agent, or person in lawful possession of private property or property closed to the general public you can request that Windsor Police Department take action on your behalf to keep trespassers off your property.  This can be legally administered, in accordance with California Penal Code section 602(o), by completing a Trespass Action Request and having it on-file with our office.  By completing the document and submitting it to us, you can lawfully request that Windsor Police Department enforce the provisions of California Penal Code section 602 and request any persons not having lawful business on your property to leave forthwith or be subject to arrest.

Trespass Action Request

 Vacation Security Check

The Windsor Police Department provides a community service of checking on your home while you are away on vacation. Our officers will drive by, check to see your home is secure, and look for any unusual activity. To request this service please call the Police Department at (707) 838-1234 or complete the Vacation Security Check Form.

Ride-Along Program

At this time we are unable to offer a Ride-Along unless you are in background for hire with the Sonoma County Sheriff's Office.