Miscellaneous Fees


The Town of Windsor Master Fee Schedule includes charges that may be included in utility bills, miscellaneous invoices, or charged at our front counter.

Fee Types

Utility Accounts normally include charges for water consumption, water service, water reclamation (sewer) usage, and water reclamation (sewer) service. Some accounts may also be charged various other fees. Following is information on other charges that may appear on utility accounts.

Backflow Fee

  • Backflow fees are charged on utility bills as established by the Town of Windsor Master Fee Schedule.
  • Backflow devices are used to prevent water that has passed through a meter from entering back into our system due to a change in pressure. They are typically placed between the water meter and the building in areas that:
    • Use recycled water
    • Have access to well water
    • All commercial customers
    • Have private pump/booster stations
  • Initial installation and certification of the backflow device are the responsibility of the property owner.
  • Backflow devices are owned and maintained by the Town of Windsor.
  • The cost to test and maintain these devices are assessed to accounts for properties requiring this service.

Lift Fee

  • View Water Reclamation (Sewer) Rates for areas being served by lift stations.
  • Lift stations are used to pump water reclamation (sewer) from properties at lower elevations that do not drain by gravity to the water reclamation plant.
  • The cost for this service covers the energy for pumping and operation and maintenance of the pump stations.

Zone Fee

  • View water rates for areas being served by pump stations.
  • Zone fees are distinct to areas of higher elevation.
  • The Town has five pump stations that pump water to elevated areas.
  • This fee covers energy costs for pumping and operation and maintenance of the pump stations.