Wisdom Tree Mural Project

Wisdom Tree Mural

The Town of Windsor is excited to announce the installation of the Wisdom Tree Mural Project, in collaboration with Pomo artists, on the north side of the Huerta Gym, located at 9291 Old Redwood Highway Building 200. The project is a collaboration between the Town's Public Art Advisory Commission (Commission) and Pomo artists Bonnie Lockhart, Eric Wilder, and Jewelina Acosta.

The mural project was envisioned in 2019 by a small volunteer committee, Community Healing, to bring greater awareness to the native Pomo community in the area. Following approval from the Commission and the Town Council, the project entered into agreements with the Pomo artists, who were guided by local Native educator, storyteller, and Tribal community member Rose Hammock.

The mural was installed on the Huerta Gym at the end of May 2023, bringing the Wisdom Tree Mural Project to life and providing a beautiful representation of the Pomo community's culture and history for all to see. 

For more information about the Wisdom Tree Mural Project, please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at (707) 838-1260.

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