Keiser Park Pump Track

The Town of Windsor is excited to introduce a temporary Pump Track to Keiser Park! Created in partnership with the King Ridge Foundation and Redwood Trails Alliance, the track is scheduled to be completed in 2024.

What is a Pump Track?

A pump track is a circuit made of small mounds of dirt, shaped into rolling hills (rollers) banked turns, and other low features. These tracks are designed to be ridden completely by riders pumping - generating momentum up and down body movements - instead of pedaling or pushing. Pump tracks were originally designed for mountain bike and BMX users. Most pump tracks link a series of rollers to steeply bermed corners that bring the riders back around the circuit. The size can vary from track to track. Pump tracks are not intended to be tracks to jump and for bikes and/or riders to leave the ground. They are relatively simple to use and cater to a wide variety of rider skill levels.

Where in Keiser Park?

The newly acquired Town parcels located at 475 Ginny Drive and 450 Duncan Drive were determined to be ideal location due to the proximity to North Bay Met Academy and Windsor High School and topography of this site. Once complete, there will not be public access to the pump track or park from Ginny Drive or Duncan Drive, as to not disrupt the residents. A permanent site for the pump track is being considered through the Keiser Park Master Plan Update; however, the development and construction of that project will be years in the future. 

To support the creation of the pump track, click here to make a donation.

For questions, please contact the Parks and Facilities Maintenance Division: (707) 838-5399 or Jeremiah Kahmoson (King Ridge Foundation).

Pump Track Discussions

Parks and Recreation Commission (April 12, 2023): click here for video

Town Council Presentation (June 7, 2023): click here for video

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