Youth Banners

2023 Youth Banners

The Youth Banner program showcases Windsor students' artwork on pole banners in Downtown Windsor. 

The vibrant banners were designed around six themes: Learning, Parks, Nature, Community, Caring, and Well-Being. The designs were reviewed by the Public Art Advisory Commission and approved by Town Council.

The 2023 designs were created by students from Windsor Middle School:

  • Aricelli Moreno (Learning)
  • Christina Cartagena Pineda (Parks)
  • Kenneth Eang Phong and Temperence Thompson Tlahuitzo (Nature)
  • Christina Cartagena Pineda (Community)
  • Dahlia Aguilar and Jude Hammond (Caring)
  • Katie Monson (Well-Being)
Youth Banner hanging on Town Green pole

2019 Youth Banners 2The inaugural 2019-2022 designs were created in collaboration with students from Brooks Elementary School and Cali Calmecac Language Academy. The final designs were created by:

  • Raquel Garcia
  • Dalia Guzman
  • Dither Ochoa
  • Victoria Plaza
  • Selena Ramos

Windsor is proud to support and celebrate the incredible talents of our local youth.

For questions or more information about this program, please contact Olivia Lemen, Parks and Recreation Director.