Commemorative Park Amenity Program

Photo Town Green Bench Website.JPGOverview

Through its Commemorative Park Amenity Program, the Town of Windsor provides opportunities for citizens to commemorate and recognize a person, event, group or organization with the purchase and placement of a park amenity. Such amenities may include, but are not limited to, trees, park benches, covered picnic structures, tree groves, drinking fountains, water features, permanent concrete chess tables, foot bridges, bike racks, pathways, play structures and picnic tables.

Details may be found in the Town of Windsor Commemorative Park Amenity Program Guidelines.

Upon a donor's submission of a Town-approved Commemorative Park Amenity Program request form, Town staff will work with the donor to identify cost and park site for the installation of the requested improvement(s). The Town of Windsor will assume the responsibility for maintenance of donated park improvements only for the duration of the life of the improvement.

For further information, please phone the Parks & Recreation Office: (707) 838-5398.