Youth Action Team (Y.A.T.)

Earth Day Youth Action Team Hiram Leiws
What is the Youth Action Team?
The Youth Action Team is a community service and leadership team comprised of sixth, seventh and eight graders, ages 11-14. Throughout the school year, Y.A.T. members will be asked to generate new project ideas at meetings, promote projects and be involved with projects chosen by the team. Y.A.T. is a great way to earn your community service hours required by schools, but more importantly, to be a figure in the community.

Y.A.T. members have the opportunity to:
Develop planning and organizational skills
Discover positive and fun learning experiences
Build self-confidence through leadership and their accomplishments

How is the Youth Action Team involved in the community?
Y.A.T. encourages students to be an active member of the community. Y.A.T. members have been recognized for outstanding work they have contributed to their community. Y.A.T. members set individual goals, as well as team goals for the semester. Y.A.T. completes around 5-10 projects a semester.

What does the Youth Action Team focus on?
The Youth Action Team focuses on 4 service learning areas. These areas include:
Community as a whole

What types of projects have the Youth Action Team done over the years?
Projects we have been involved with are: Town of Windsor Senior Center Flapjack Fundraiser, Community Wide Yard Sale (Fall and Spring), assisting local food banks, painting backstops on baseball fields at Keiser Park, planting flowers on Hiram Lewis Park walkway, and much more.

How do I become involved in the Youth Action Team?
Students that are interested in joining the Youth Action Team should contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 707-838-1267 or  Students are encouraged to volunteer at multiple events!
We hope to see you there!

For more information regarding the Youth Action Team, please contact
(707) 838-1267 or .
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