Windsor Refuse & Recycling

Solid Waste Services

Windsor Refuse & Recycling can be reached at (707) 586-5545

Beginning January 1, 2008, Windsor Refuse & Recycling, Inc. will provide the following solid waste services within the Town of Windsor:
  • Collection, transportation, and disposal of all residential solid waste, recyclables and green waste
  • Collection, transportation, and disposal of all commercial solid waste and green waste
  • Optional collection of commercial recyclables
  • Residential Garbage Routes of all public streets within the Town
  • Street Sweeping Routes of all public streets within the Town
Windsor Refuse & Recycling uses a new truck with two compartments, one for garbage and the other for green waste; and another truck to pick up the blue can. The trucks give them the ability to make only two passes, thereby reducing wear and tear on Town streets and reducing noise and other impacts in the neighborhood. The truck has a metal “wall” that the driver moves from side to side when he/she dumps the cans. The person down on the street can’t see the “wall” move from side to side so they may think the two cans are being dumped in the same place.

With exception of the street sweeping service, all of the above services will continue to be voluntary and must be requested by customers.

Windsor Refuse & Recycling is the exclusive franchise to provide these services within the Town limits.

More Information

For more information regarding services and rates in Windsor, contact Windsor Refuse & Recycling at (707) 586-5545 or visit Windsor Refuse & Recycling

If you have a problem that cannot be resolved with Windsor Refuse & Recycling, please contact the Town of Windsor Administrative Operations Manager by phone at (707) 838-5355 or email us.