Housing Activity

CBM Apartments

2007 Activities

  • Nineteen affordable (low and very low income) units were issued building permits.
  • Market rate: 88 single family, three second units, and 25 condominiums units were issued building permits
  • The Town currently maintains a stock of approximately 405 affordable units.
  • A physical inspection of the Town’s affordable housing stock revealed that most units are well maintained.
Winter Creek

Winter Creek

  • In Windsor, 228 Market Rate single family homes and condominiums were sold.
  • In 2007, the single family home median price was $532,000. In 2006 the median price was $584,000.
  • The Town continued its practice of using Redevelopment Agency (RDA) low / moderate funds to assist in home-ownership.
  • The Town committed $900,000 in RDA funding to assist in the pre-development of Windsor Redwoods, a 46-unit low and very-low income rental project.
Twin Oaks

Twin Oaks

  • The Town committed $550,000 in RDA funding to the Terra Green project (11 for sale affordable units).
  • The Town applied for a $4.5 million RDLP loan to assist the 22-unit Manzanita Self-Help Project.
  • The Town applied for BEGIN grants for both the Terra Green and Manzanita Projects.
  • It was determined that if all projects that were granted allocations were built, over 200 affordable units would result.