Fees & Improvements

Map Review Fees

See Documents/Standards page for Master Fee Schedules.

The following fee is required:
  • $4,112 + $143/ per lot or parcel.
  • A map review will not be conducted until this fee has been received.

Plan Check and Inspection Fees

The following fees are required:

  • Nine percent of the estimated improvements.
  • Actual time for plan check and an estimated inspection fee may be used.

Improvement Plans

Improvement Plans must include:

  • Land Development Review and Submittal Sheet Required with first submittal.
  • The proposed locations of joint utility trenches and surface or subsurface-mounted transformers, as well as gang or curbside mail
  • "Call-outs" to standard drawings shall include a description of the improvement, including the size and material of the improvement, unless the standard allows only one size and material and the entire standard is to be placed.
  • Grades, details, and calculations showing how drainage will be handled at all locations where conforming to existing ground features and at all property lines. Lot-to-lot surface drainage is not permitted.
  • Landscaping Plans shall be included and submitted as part of Improvement Plans and shall be included in the sheet index, on the first sheet of the Improvement Plans.

The Town has developed a template title block for Improvement Plans. The template is available as a CAD and PDF.