Temporary Construction and Demolition Collection Services

debris boxes.jpgDebris and Recycling Boxes

Debris and recycling boxes are metal containers that are used for the disposal of a large quantity of material.

The debris and recycling boxes are approximately 8' wide and 12' to 24' long and are delivered to the customer by a company that has an approved Collection Service Agreement with the Town of Windsor.

Companies with a Town of Windsor approved Collection Service Agreement are the only companies authorized to provide Temporary Construction and Demolition Debris Collection Services within the Town of Windsor.

The following companies are approved to deliver and collect temporary construction and demolition debris and recycling boxes in Windsor:

Franchised Haulers

Sonoma County Resource Recovery

M & M Services 

Recology Sonoma Marin Republic Services
10611 Old Redwood Highway 590 Caletti Avenue 3400 Standish Avenue 3911 Santa Rosa Avenue
Windsor, CA 95492 Windsor, CA 95492 Santa Rosa, CA 95402 Santa Rosa, CA 95407
707-795-7470 707-838-2597 / 877-698-8473 844-400-2257 707-585-0511
www.sonomacor.com www.pacificsanitaiton.com www.recology.com www.industrial-carting.com
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Debris Box Placement

When at all possible, Debris Boxes shall be placed on private property. If the private property does not have the space for placing a Debris Box, or the location on private property is inconvenient for the owner, then a Debris Box may be placed within the public right-of-way, such as a street.

Placement of Debris Box within the public right-of-way requires an Encroachment Permit issued by the Public Works Department.

It is your responsibility to contact one of the approved collection companies and coordinate delivery and removal of a debris box. Collection companies charge a fee for the placement of a debris box on your property and are responsible for diverting or recycling a percentage of your waste.

Collection service companies may not place a debris box within the public right-of-way without first obtaining an Encroachment Permit from the Public Works Department. It is highly recommended that you discuss placement of a debris box with a collection provider PRIOR to arranging and paying for service.

For more information about Encroachment Permits, click here.