Neighborhood Activities


The following activities sponsored by your Neighborhood Watch group can improve your community's safety and well-being.
  • Conduct home security surveys and mark your valuables using the guidelines in the Operation Identification brochure. Remember to include any elderly and/or disabled neighbors.
  • Organize citizen patrols to alert deputies about crime and suspicious activities in your neighborhood.
  • Create a phone number resource list for your Neighborhood Watch group so you can quickly contact each other in emergency situations.
  • Publish a local newsletter that provides local crime news, crime prevention tips, and recognizes the accomplishments of Neighborhood Watch members.
  • Have meetings that educate members about:
    • Isolation of the elderly
    • Drug abuse
    • Disaster preparedness
    • Crimes that are occurring at schools or parks in the community
    • After-school programs
    • Child safety
    • Victim services
    • Issues that are important to your Neighborhood Watch group