2009 Ordinances

Ordinances are the laws of a municipality and are the most binding form of action taken by the Town Council. With few exceptions, ordinances take effect 30 days after final passage. They will be posted to the web site as soon as possible following adoption. You may also view our Municipal Code for further details.

Recently adopted Ordinance:
Meeting Date Ordinance Number Title
January 7, 2009 2009-250 Amending Town Zoning Ordinance Inclusionary Housing Requirements
March 18, 2009 2009-251 Repealing the BID March 18, 2009
May 6, 2009 2009-252 Prohibition of Parking of certain Recreational Vehicles
July 15, 2009 2009-253 Repealing, Renumbering or Amending certain existing Municipal Code provisions and adopting a subdivision Ordinance Update (File No. Ord 09-10)
July 15, 2009 2009-254 Approving an amendment to the Development agreement with Windsor Mill Homes, LLC as related to the Windsor Mill Project (File No. DA 04-10)
August 5, 2009
2009-255 Amending the Windsor Redevelopment Plan
September 2, 2009
2009-256 Amending the Town of Windsor Zoning Ordinance related to Signs
September 16, 2009
Amendment clarifying the process for designation of Acting Town Manager during any temporary absence or disability of the Town Manager
November 18, 2009
Amending Zoning Ordinance Section 27.10.030 Table 2-4 allowed use and permit requirements for commercial zoning district, section 27.60.020 Definition/Glossary, and adding section 27.34.175 Personal Services, Restricted
December 2, 2009
2009-259 Adding Article 9 Water Efficient Landscape to Title XII, Chapter 3 of the Town's Municipal Code