ADA Transition Plan

Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance

The ADA Transition Plan is an evaluation of the Town of Windsor for compliance with accessibility guidelines set forth by the State and Federal Governments. A report such as this is required by Federal and State law; the Americans with Disabilities Act, and Title 24, Code of Regulations, Part 2, Accessibility Requirements respectively.

This plan contains a detailed review of all Town owned buildings, parks, and Town maintained public right-of-ways and accessible routes that are accessed by the public, i.e., sidewalks. Intersections and Town facilities were inspected for physical barriers using both State and Federal requirements. It is important to understand when reviewing the survey that many areas have been identified requiring corrective action by what would seem an insignificant amount, often no more than a quarter of an inch or a tenth of a degree. While this may appear trivial to some, the difference of a quarter inch or a tenth of a degree can make a significant difference to a person with a disability.

The dimensional requirements established within the accessibility guidelines are typically expressed as a maximum, a minimum, a range, or as an absolute value. Regardless of how the requirement is expressed, its dimensional requirement is prescriptive and does not allow for site tolerances, except in limited rare exceptions, mainly for Historic buildings. While still requiring attention, other areas where the variation from compliance is minimal may be set as a lower priority in the Town’s plan.

If you would like to read more about the Disability Access Complaint Procedure or feel it is necessary to fill out a grievance form, please submit it to Doug Hughes, Building Official and ADA Coordinator.