Motor Oil & Filters Disposal

* * * * * * * OIL FACILITY TEMPORARILY CLOSED * * * * * * *
oil recycle facilityThe Town of Windsor has a used motor oil and filter drop-off facility at the Corporation Yard located at 8400 Windsor Road. This facility is open 24 hours/7 days a week and is available to all residents of Sonoma County (no business drop-off).

Place your motor oil in a sealable container. It is best to use a reusable motor oil drain container (please take your empty containers back with you). Make sure the oil is not mixed with any other fluids.

No more than 5 gallons of used motor oil and 2 filters may be dropped off at one time.

Sonoma County Waste Management Agency offers other recycling services.

Search their database for answers to your recycling and toxic disposal questions from A-Z: appliances, batteries, concrete, electronics, metal, paint, styrofoam peanuts, toner cartridges, wood and much more! Select motor oil and filters on the searchable list for information on where to dispose of your oil and filters elsewhere in Sonoma County.