Motor Oil & Filters Disposal

oil recycle facility

Curbside Oil Recycling

Sonoma County Resource Recovery (SCRR) now offers residential curbside collection of used motor oil and oil filters.  Call 707-795-7470 or visit to request free 1-gallon plastic containers for your used oil.  Oil filters should be placed in an appropriately sized zip-lock type bag and sealed, and placed next to the plastic container at the curb for pick up on your regularly scheduled garbage pick up day.  Up to 2 gallons of used motor oil may be recycled at the curb per week.  Any 1-gallon plastic container may be used, but the container MUST have a screw top lid for spill prevention.  If you use your own containers, please call 707-795-7470 to let the garbage company know you will have oil at the curb on your scheduled pick up day.

Oil Recycling Station

Located at 8400 Windsor Road, the Town's Oil Recycling Station has new hours beginning 2018:

Monday - Thursday  7:30am to 12 noon and 1:00pm to 5:30pm

When you arrive at the Oil Recycling Station, call our Public Works office at 707-838-1007, and a Town staff person will meet you at the Station.  The existing disposal limit of 5 gallons and 2 oil filters per day, will continue to apply.

The Station CANNOT accept antifreeze, gasoline, diesel, brake fluid, power steering fluid, solvents, paints, varnishes or other household or toxic chemicals.  For information on disposal of non-accepted chemicals, please refer to the Sonoma County Recycling Guide at .

For any questions regarding the Oil Recycling Station, please call the Town of Windsor Public Works Department at 707-838-1007.