Retail Market Analysis

Retail Market Analysis and Strategic Positioning Strategy

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The Town Council adopted an Economic Development Strategic Plan (EDSP) in December 2008. Strategic Initiative 5 regarding Retail Attraction contains an action strategy for retail expansion of Windsor’s existing and future retail nodes. As noted in the EDSP, the Town of Windsor’s five primary commercial centers lack cohesiveness and retail identity. Action 5.3.1 of the EDSP recommends that Town staff work to “develop a clear market position and strategy for Windsor’s most concentrated commercial areas to ensure retail development is complementary, well-planned and fills a needed gap.”

The Town retained an economic consulting firm to prepare a retail market analysis and develop a retail positioning strategy for the Town as recommended by EDSP Action 5.3.1. The Study analyzes the following:
  1. Demographic and employment conditions and trends;
  2. The regional and local retail market;
  3. Trade area boundaries; and
  4. Retail development conditions and opportunities in the Town of Windsor.
The report also contains recommended strategies and actions to help position the Town of Windsor within the subregional retail marketplace, and formulates development and tenanting strategies for various retail locations throughout the Town.

The positioning strategy is intended to:
  1. Maximize retail sales capture to preserve and expand retail sales tax revenues that support the provision of government services.
  2. Influence the type and quality of retailers to attract local and regional shoppers and improve the overall retail mix in specific commercial districts.
  3. Craft retail and commercial strategies that will help drive the successful redevelopment of the downtown and other locations in the Town.
The Study contains a list of recommended strategies and actions that are intended to enable the Town of Windsor to strategically position itself to maintain and grow existing levels of retail sales in the Town. The recommended strategies are a mix of near-term and long-term strategies that vary by category of retail and location within the Town. The key strategies identified in the Study will guide the Town's retail development efforts as an integral component of the Town's overall Economic Development Program.