Water Reclamation (Sewer) Charges

The Town of Windsor charges both commercial and residential customers based on the amount of water they consume. Water reclamation (sewer) charges for commercial accounts are based on metered water usage. Water reclamation (sewer) charges for residential accounts which include single-family residences and multi-family residences are billed according to the winter consumption known as winter average (sewer cap).

On July 15, 2020, the Town Council approved the current water and Water Reclamation (Sewer) Rates.  

Winter Average (sewer cap)

The winter average is the most equitable form of billing for residential and multi-family customers. The winter average is re-evaluated every year with the new winter average (sewer cap) being applied to residential and multi-family customers in July.

If the water usage during the current billing period is less than the winter average (sewer cap), the water reclamation (sewer) charges will be based on the current water consumption, not the winter average (sewer cap). This methodology instantly reflects conservation measures implemented within a household on a bi-monthly basis.

To determine the winter average (sewer cap), the monthly meter reads for December, January, February, and March are used with the highest consumption month being eliminated from the calculation. These months are typically wet months when it can be reasonably assumed the majority of water is for indoor use, which is released into the sewer system as wastewater.

In situations where winter water usage is not available or the winter usage is inconsistent with inside water consumption, other methods of determining the water reclamation (sewer) rate may also be applied. In each case, we strive to determine the most accurate method that represents each customer’s inside water use.
  • Number of person(s) residing in the home
  • Prior winter average (sewer cap)

New accounts established outside the winter average period are assigned a water reclamation (sewer) rate according to the number of residents residing at the service location. 

High Water Usage or Leaks

The Town of Windsor recognizes that there are circumstances which result in unintended high use of water. If you have discovered a leak and made the necessary repairs, the Town will re-evaluate your winter average (sewer cap) when a Report of High Water Usage has been submitted to the Utility Billing Division.

To Calculate Single Family Residence Winter Average (sewer cap)


  1. Take the monthly meter reads for December, January, February, and March
  2. Remove the highest consumption month
  3. Take the total of the 3 remaining monthly meter reads
  4. Total of the 3 months is multiplied by the wastewater (sewer) rate
  5. Winter Average (sewer cap) becomes effective on July 1st of each year
  6. If the bi-monthly water consumption is less than the winter average (sewer cap) for the current billing, the winter average (sewer cap) consumption will match the water consumption