Winter Average (Sewer Cap)

Wastewater Winter Averaging

  • What is Wastewater Winter Averaging?

    Wastewater Winter Averaging is a way to calculate wastewater charges based on the average amount of water used at your residence during the Winter months from December to March.

  • Why does the Town use Wastewater Winter Averaging to determine my wastewater charges?

    Your water meter measures your monthly water use, but there is no meter on your wastewater line. Wastewater Winter Averaging provides a general measurement that is reflective of the amount of water that goes directly into the wastewater system from inside your residence.

  • I recently moved to a brand-new home with no water use history. How will my wastewater use be determined?            Your cap will be determined using the Town wide average for number of residents. Typical Windsor residents use 50 gal per person per day.
  • When does Wastewater Winter Averaging happen? 

    The monthly meter reads for December, January, February, and March are used with the highest consumption month being eliminated from the calculation. These months are typically wet months when it can be reasonably assumed most of the water is for indoor use, which is released into the sewer system as wastewater.

  • Why is this period being used to calculate wastewater charges?

    Winter water usage calculates wastewater charges because it more accurately reflects the amount of water that goes directly into the wastewater system from your household. Summer usage is a higher water volume due to outdoor watering, washing cars or filling your swimming pool.

  • How often does the Town review Wastewater Winter Averaging?

    Recalculating your winter average is done annually.

  • When will my new wastewater average appear on my utility bill?

    Customers can expect to see their new wastewater average on their July utility bill.

  • How is my wastewater average calculated if I have zero wastewater consumption during the winter averaging period?

    For vacant households there is a cap set of 1000 per month, meaning this is the maximum we can bill for wastewater if there is consumption on the meter. We review all zero consumption accounts to determine if the home is vacant or if there was another reason there was zero use during the month. If the use is less than the cap that is set the customer will be billed for the actual use and not the cap.

Winter Averaging is also known as your sewer cap, which is the maximum amount you can be billed for wastewater monthly.

To Calculate Single Family Residence Winter Average (sewer cap) 

  1. Take the monthly meter reads for December, January, February, and March
  2. Remove the highest consumption month
  3. Take the total of the 3 remaining monthly meter reads
  4. Total of the 3 months is multiplied by the wastewater (sewer) rate
  5. Winter Average (sewer cap) becomes effective on July 1st of each year

If the bi-monthly water consumption is less than the winter average (sewer cap) for the current billing, the winter average (sewer cap) consumption will match the water consumption 

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