Town of Windsor 2017 Legislative Policy Guidelines

Legislative Policy Guidelines

On January 18, 2017, the Windsor Town Council adopted the 2017 Legislative Policy Guidelines. These policy guidelines outline the Town's position on legislative matters and are used to guide the Town of Windsor’s legislative advocacy during the year. The Town’s Legislative Guidelines serve as the foundation for the Town to state support, remain neutral or oppose positions on State and Federal legislative actions.

Legislative policy guidelines enable the Mayor and/or Town Manager to submit advocacy letters on behalf of the Town if the proposed legislation is within the Town’s adopted legislative policy guidelines. Additionally,legislative policy guidelines enable the Town to actively participate in the state and federal legislative processes on behalf of the Town.

Attached here is a copy of the 2017 Legislative Policy Guidelines.

League of California Cities

The League of California Cities is an association of California city officials who work together to enhance their knowledge and skills, exchange information, and combine resources so that they may influence policy decisions that affect cities. The Town of Windsor is a partner with the League of California Cities.

The League provides an online bill search that makes it easy to track the League's position on bills, view letters that the League has sent to legislators or contact the League lobbyist working on a bill. To access the League's online bill search, click here

2017 Town Legislative Letters