Non-Town Projects

Projects by other agencies

Occasionally there are projects that are proposed by outside agencies within or near the Town of Windsor where approval for the project does not rest with the Town Council. These projects may include those by special districts such as a school district, utility projects under the authority of the California Public Utilities Commission and Native American Tribes under the authority of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. In these cases, the Town is usually limited to commenting on the project or environmental documents. Below are active projects of this nature.

Proposed Lytton Pomo Development
The Lytton's continue to pursue their proposal to build a community on the west side of Windsor for their tribal members. More information

Climate Action 2020
Climate Action 2020 is a collaborative effort among all nine cities and the County of Sonoma to take further actions in reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions community-wide and respond to the threats of climate change. Regional Climate Protection Agency and the local communities are working together to develop a comprehensive and detailed plan for each jurisdiction that will identify measures to reduce GHGs from sources including building energy (electricity and natural gas), transportation, water use and transport, waste, wastewater and agriculture. This detailed plan is called a Community Climate Action Plan, and known locally as Climate Action 2020. For more information, please visit the CA2020 website at: