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2040 General Plan Now Available!

On April 4, 2018, the Town Council adopted a comprehensive update to the Town’s General Plan.  The General Plan is a statement of the community’s vision for its future. This vision is expressed in the form of narrative, goals, policies and programs that address a wide range of topics, including land use, transportation, housing, public services and facilities, parks and recreation, economic development, environmental resources, conservation, noise, open space and safety.  The General Plan provides a basis for land use decision-making and capital investments in public facilities and infrastructure.  The 2040 General Plan can be viewed or downloaded here: 2040 General Plan

What We Do

The Community Development Department works to foster community dialogue about issues involving the built and natural environment. By planning for the future, the community works to solve current problems, anticipate future needs and analyze alternatives which will help shape tomorrow and create opportunities for future generations. Projects commonly handled by the Planning Division include developing future plans for the Town, reviewing new commercial and housing projects and assisting in the development of affordable housing.

The Division of Building Inspection is responsible for the enforcement of the California Code of Regulations to safeguard the public health and welfare and access to persons with disabilities.

Who We Are

The Community Development Department is staffed by professionals who have specialized knowledge in a wide range of issues, including Community Development and Land Use Planning, Building Codes and Permits, Code Enforcement, Environmental Review, Urban Design, and Affordable Housing.