Public Art Advisory Commission

Public Art Advisory Commission Overview
The Commission shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Town Council and the Parks and Recreation Director or his or her designee to support the Town by establishing Windsor as an art destination that raises the potential for education, innovation, collaborative community engagement and cultural exploration. This Commission was established in 2015.

Town Hall Council Chambers
9291 Old Redwood Hwy., Building 400, Windsor
Regular meeting schedule: Fourth Wednesday of the month at  4:30 pm.

The vision for Windsor is to be an art destination that raises the potential for education, innovation, collaborative community engagement and cultural exploration.

Current Projects

Discovering Windsor through Art
On February 13th the Town of Windsor will begin accepting design proposals for the 2023 utility box painting project which will paint 5-7 new boxes around Town. For all program details, please to refer to the Artist Handbook

2023 Schedule:
Calling All Artists Announcement: February 13, 2023

Submission Deadline: March 5, 2023

Selection Process: March 2023

Artist Selection Announcement: May 17, 2023

Artist Pre-painting Workshop: Week of May 8, 2023

Box Painting: June 1-15, 2023

To download the complete list of the utility box locations, please click here: Painted Utility Boxes 

Any questions, please contact Mike Kovanis at 

Past Projects

Roundabout Sculptures
In January of 2018 the Town began the process to commission two sculptures for the Roundabouts on Old Redwood Highway. Click here to read more about that process. 

Amber 1
The commission is made up of five (5) members-at- large who serve a four (4) year term, each appointed by a Councilmember. Members-at-large are required to be residents of Sonoma County and shall demonstrate a commitment to art and culture in Windsor. Additionally, one (1) Town Council Member and one (1) Parks and Recreation Commissioner sits on the Commission.

Current Commissioners:

Kevin Gonyo, Chair

Term: 2024

Heather Cullen, Vice Chair
Term: 2022

Julian Cohen, Commissioner
Term: 2022

Chris Denny, Commissioner
Term: 2022

Jack Pollard, Commissioner
Term: 2022

Esther Lemus, Town Council Representative

Tanya Potter, Parks and Recreation Commission Representative 
Term: 2022

Rosa Reynoza, Alternate Town Council Representative
Term: 2022

Zoey Arent, Youth Commissioner
Term: June 2023

Kate Chuidian, Youth Commissioner
Term: June 2023

Council Adopted Public Art Policy
Roles and Responsibilities of the Commission: Resolution 3511-19

Contacting the Public Art Advisory Commission
Click here to contact the Public Art Advisory Commission.

Commissioner Reference Materials
(Please allow up to 45 seconds for download of these large documents.)

Commissioner Handbook
PAAC Priority Projects 2019-2021
Parks and Recreation Department Organizational Chart
Town of Windsor Adopted Budgets
Parks and Recreation Department Capital Improvement Plan Budget 
Windsor Parks and Facilities Map and Amenities
2030 Parks and Recreation Master Plan 
Windsor Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan
Town Green Diagram
Timeline Walk Town Green
2021-2023 Project List 

Open and Public IV: A Guide to the Ralph M. Brown Act
Facility Use and Reservation Policy
Naming Policy for Parks and Recreation Facilities
Commemorative Program for Windsor Parks