What is a business license?
A business license is a permit required for doing business within the incorporated area of the Town of Windsor. The Town’s municipal code requires that you obtain a business license when you conduct business within the Town of Windsor, even if your business is located OUTSIDE the town limits or if you have a business license from another city.

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1. What is a business license?
2. Who is required to have a Town of Windsor business license?
3. What is the purpose of the business license?
4. How much does it cost to obtain a business license?
5. How long is the business license good for?
6. How are applications reviewed and approved and can conditions be imposed?
7. Do I need a business license if I work out of my home?
8. What if I have more than one business or more than one business location?
9. I just purchased a business. Can I use the business license from the previous owner?
10. Do state-licensed contractors also need a Town of Windsor business license?
11. What happens if I pay late?
12. What happens if I don’t pay at all?