What is the purpose of the business license?
The purpose of a business license is to regulate businesses in order to promote improved enforcement of Town, state, federal, or otherwise applicable codes, rules, regulations or laws, at lower public cost, with a higher level of protection of the public. Licensing helps protect the public against threats to public peace, health, safety and welfare, by ensuring compliance with Town ordinances, including those designed to ensure building safety and discourage public disturbances and nuisances.

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1. What is a business license?
2. Who is required to have a Town of Windsor business license?
3. What is the purpose of the business license?
4. How much does it cost to obtain a business license?
5. How long is the business license good for?
6. How are applications reviewed and approved and can conditions be imposed?
7. Do I need a business license if I work out of my home?
8. What if I have more than one business or more than one business location?
9. I just purchased a business. Can I use the business license from the previous owner?
10. Do state-licensed contractors also need a Town of Windsor business license?
11. What happens if I pay late?
12. What happens if I don’t pay at all?