How is recycled water treated?
Windsor has been operating its Advanced Water Treatment (tertiary) facility since 1991. The facility has since been upgraded twice in order to improve its processes and increase plant capacity. The latest technology is used for odor control equipment and disinfection throughout the facility.

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1. What is "reclaimed" or "recycled" water?
2. Is recycled water safe?
3. How long has recycled water been in use?
4. What is the Town doing to make sure the recycled water is always safe?
5. How is recycled water treated?
6. Can my children run through the sprinklers in lawn that is watered with recycled water?
7. Can recycled water be used in swimming pools and spas?
8. What happens if we drink it, or my dog does?
9. Does the Town have plans to expand the use of Recycled Water?