What is Wastewater Winter Averaging?

Wastewater Winter Averaging is a way to calculate wastewater charges based on the average amount of water used at your residence during the Winter months  from December to March

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1. What is Wastewater Winter Averaging?
2. Why does the Town use Wastewater Winter Averaging to determine my wastewater charges?
3. When does Wastewater Winter Averaging happen?
4. Why Is this period being used to calculate wastewater charges?
5. I recently moved to a brand-new home with no water use history. How will my wastewater use be determined?
6. When will my new wastewater average appear on my utility bill?
7. How is my wastewater average calculated if I have zero wastewater consumption during the winter averaging period?
8. How often does the Town review Wastewater Winter Averaging?