How long should I water my lawn?
Done correctly, irrigating lawns only three days a week in Windsor is both water saving and beneficial for growing more deeply rooted, heat tolerant turf grass. For fixed spray pop-up sprinklers, two shorter applications (4 – 7 min), applied about an hour apart, gets the water deeper into the root zone without runoff. As an example, to run sprinklers 36 minutes per week:

Station run time – 1st Start Time – 2nd Start Time – Days
6 minutes – 5:00 a.m. – 6:00 a.m. – M, W, F

Sprinkler run times will need to be longer for single and multi-stream rotor type sprinklers that apply water at a slower rate than standard fixed spray pop-ups. However, the approach is the same. The clay based soils found throughout Windsor help retain the water that has penetrated deeper into the root zone, eliminating the need for more frequent irrigation, and providing the conditions needed for lawns to grow longer, healthier roots.

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