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Call for Interest - 2023 Summer Nights on the Green Non-Profit Alcohol Sales

  1. The Town of Windsor Parks & Recreation Department will be conducting a pilot program adding a fourth location for nonprofit beer/wine/spirits sales at the 2023 Summer Nights on the Green Concert Series. Below is the criteria and the interest form to submit to attend the information meeting.

    Required Criteria:

    -Complete this interest form

     -Attend information meeting August 25, 2022 at 4:30 pm at the Huerta Gymnasium

    -Must be a Windsor based, 501c3 nonprofit

    -Must have insurance with liquor liability

    -Must have ABC trained staffing/volunteer capacity to setup, sell, and take down for each event.

    Please submit this interest form and attend the required informational meeting for more details regarding the process and the events.

  2. Do you meet all of the requirements listed above to participate in this program?
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