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Leaks & Water Waste Reporting Form

  1. Instructions:

  2. DO NOT USE THIS FORM TO REPORT LEAKS AT YOUR OWN HOME. The intent of this form is to report water leaks or waste of water at other residences, businesses, or Town owned and operated facilities, where the owner/operator or Town may not yet have knowledge of the problem. If you wish to report a leak at your own home or business, please call our Utility Billing office at (707) 838-1004 during regular business hours.
  3. To report leaks or water waste (NOT AT YOUR HOME), please fill out this form completely and then click on the submit button below. Submissions are reviewed during regular office hours, Monday to Thursday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. To report matters of health and public safety after hours, please call (707) 838-1000, or dial 911 to report an emergency.

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  5. Although reports may be submitted anonymously, it is more helpful to provide us with contact information should questions arise or when clarification is needed. Your contact information will be kept confidential.

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